Beautillion, Incorporated

What is Beautillion? Beautillion is our annual scholarship fundraiser. Its dual purpose is to enrich the quality of life for young males educationally, morally, culturally, spiritually, socially and to raise funds for educational scholarships and community involvement.

Who participates? Each year, young men ages seven through twelve and high school juniors and seniors are invited to participate.

How do I get involved? Annually, members of Macon Alumnae Chapter recommend participants. These may be sons, grandsons, nephews, neighbors, church members, or friends. Members are asked to submit names of prospective beaux who must meet specific qualifications to participate. Each member will be assigned to a team to support a specific beau. The beau’s parents will also be part of this team.

How do I raise funds for scholarships? Most members and parents raise money by selling tickets or soliciting contributors.

Do you have a special young man in mind? The age requirement for Master Beaux is 7-12 and Beaux must be juniors and seniors in high school. The recruiting areas are in Middle Georgia with the primary focus on young African American males in Bibb, Jones, Monroe, Twiggs and Wilkinson Counties. You may email the beau’s name, age, parents/guardians, mailing address/email address, telephone/cell number, and recommending member of Macon Alumnae Chapter to As soon as you contact us, we will invite the young man and his family to our Beautillion Orientation. Together, we can make a remarkable difference in the lives of the young men in Middle Georgia.

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